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Case Medical offers products for each step in the decontamination process: multi-enzymatic cleaners for pre-cleaning and soaking, pH neutral detergents with high detergency and high levels of chelating agents to remove hard water ions, water soluble instrument lubricant, a neutral rinse aid and drying agent also pH neutral, as well stainless steel cleaners, ink and adhesive remover and surface cleaners.

Formulated for manual and automated cleaning, the Case Solutions and SuperNova cleaners provide safe, effective, environmentally friendly "green" products that are made with high purity RO water. Cleaning is only the first step in the decontamination process. Always follow with approved disinfection or sterilization.

EPA/Safer Choice recognition does not constitute endorsement of this product. The Safer Choice label signifies that the product's formula, as Case Medical Inc. has represented it to the EPA, contains ingredients with more positive human health and environmental characteristics than conventional products of the same type. EPA/Safer Choice relies solely on Case Medical Inc., its integrity and good faith, for information on the product's composition, ingredients and attributes. EPA/Safer Choice has not independently identified, that is, via chemical analysis, the ingredients in the product formula, nor evaluated any of Case Medical Inc. non-ingredient claims. EPA/Safer Choice provides its evaluation only as to the product's human health and environmental characteristics, as specified in the Safer Choice Standard and based on currently available information and scientific understanding.

Single Use Wipes: Penta Wipes are impregnated with a ready to use solution of PentaZyme, the company's five plus enzyme, pH neutral cleaner. Penta Wipes are well-suited for all materials, including metals such as anodized aluminum and stainless steel, as well as plastic, silicone, glass and rubber. Also, Case Solutions Alcohol Wipes, designed to follow the cleaning step, are ideal for surface decontamination and further drying. The non-woven material is pre-moistened with a highly concentrated solution of ethanol, isopropyl alcohol and high purity water.

Case Solutions Water Technologies: We are proud to offer water treatment systems for the final rinse and for the entire cleaning process, if needed. Our scientists and technologists are available to assist you with an onsite audit of your cleaning equipment and process. Now available from Case Medical, a range of Reverse Osmosis Systems for Surgery Centers to Acute Care Hospitals to improve the water quality in decontamination for safe and effective patient care.

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