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surgical instrument sterilization sealed containers and trays

Case Medical, Inc is a vertically integrated, product development and manufacturing facility offering custom designed and modular "do-it-yourself" sterilization systems for the medical industry. Planning for the utmost adaptability, Case Medical, Inc has developed an innovative, generic line of sterilization cases and trays that can be immediately assembled by you. Color-coded, our novel fixturing system can solve a variety of instrument-holding problems.

The company's product line includes custom and modular options as well as a full line of products for instrument processing, including Case Solutions multi-enzymatic, pH neutral cleaners. Our chemists and formulators combined high levels of synergistic enzymes with excellent surfactants and chelating agents to create a highly effective, environmentally friendly cleaning systems.

In our modern facility, we do it all. Our team of highly trained engineers, utilizing state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, ensures a final product of superior quality. Our success is primarily based on the combination of engineers and technicians with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology- creating effective product solutions for all medical environments. We are a FDA registered facility with full compliance to ISO 13485.

Tell us what you need and we can rapidly present you with a custom set, which you can containerize or wrap. Decontaminate utilizing our validated, pH neutral instrument chemistries, and then sterilize in our SteriTite sealed container. Our WebSet custom design is a modular organizing system utilizing SteriTite and MediTray inserts to secure and organize surgical instruments with off the shelf components.

- Located in South Hackensack New Jersey
- Convenient to New York City
- Centrally located near three major international airports
- Having a highly trained professional staff with advanced degrees
- Serving the medical community with quality products
- Manufacturing sterilization cases, trays, and custom instrumentation as well
- 510k and CE certified for its products

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