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Green and Sustainable Chemistry
green Packaging Systems and Instrument Chemistries cleaners

According to the US EPA, green chemistry is also known as sustainable chemistry. Case Medical has designed its products to eliminate the use of hazardous substances, to reduce waste, and to eliminate end of line treatments, and to increase energy efficiency and patient safety.

Case Medical's Reusable Packaging Systems and Instrument Chemistries:
Our SteriTite sealed container system and MediTray products are reusable, universal, extremely durable and fully anodized packaging systems designed for a long useful life. Standardization is the hallmark of our system avoiding duplicate container inventory for multiple methods of sterilization, as well as eliminating wrap, waste, disposal of wrap and the associated costs of wrap.

Our SteriTite container with MediTray products has been cleared by FDA for all current sterilization methods. This reduces storage space, handling and errors in using the wrong products for incompatible sterilization methods. Other sealed container systems cleared for low temperature sterilization methods may not be anodized.

Our line of instrument chemistries including our Case Solutions and SuperNova super concentrated cleaners are designed for maximum safety, to be less hazardous to human health, the environment and to prolong the life of surgical devices. Our instrument cleaners meet the principles for green chemistry to prevent waste, to be fully effective yet have little or no toxicity and to use catalysts to increase the effectiveness without waste.

Moreover, our products are natural and contain no colors, dyes, perfumes or other masking agents. None of our products are known to have any carcinogenic potential and are dispensed automatically with dose and flow control to avoid allergic reactions to staff from open containers and cross contamination from the environment. In addition, our instrument cleaners are pH neutral to eliminate corrosion of surgical devices and possible harm to patients and staff, and our cleaners are environmentally friendly.

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