Educational Seminars

Cleaning, The Critical First Step Cleaning is essential for all further decontamination steps, and can impact patient as well as staff safety. Explore the “science of cleaning”. Learn to differentiate between different instrument chemistries, understand the importance of water quality and how to assess product and process effectiveness.

Challenges Impacting Re-Processing of Reusable Devices Decontamination is a requirement for sterilization of patient care items. A combination of people, process and product are critical to ensure safe patient outcome. Focus: cleaning, the critical first step and verification for quality control.

Crafty Case Solutions: Ways to Solve Procedure Tray Clutter Techniques and options for organizing surgical instrument sets amongst a group of diverse staff. Lecture and hands on workshop.

Creating and Enforcing SPD Procedures Policies and procedures are required to guide the day-to-day operations of the department. Discuss key elements necessary for a successful SPD policy/procedure system.

Decontamination Detectives There are many things that can go wrong despite the best of intentions. This workshop will use critical thinking skills and investigation to overcome a real world decontamination challenge.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery for Healthcare Professionals While many emergencies are unpredictable, steps can be taken to align policies and systems designed to protect the health and safety of individuals and communities. Emergency preparedness, response and recovery are key components of effective response to public health emergencies and readiness in times of disaster.

Hospital Acquired Infections and Prevention HAIs have become a hot topic in the media and the public at large. Sterile processing personnel play a critical role in patient care and infection prevention. Learn more about what you can do to prevent HAIs.

Loaner Trays, Challenges and Solutions Consignment trays are a challenge with handling issues and now extended re-processing times. Let’s explore the problems, put our ideas together and find some answers to the latest sterilization challenge.

Setting a New Standard for Reprocessing Custom Trays Have you been concerned about loaners, extended reprocessing times and how to achieve compliance with standard cycles? A Program for SPD and Materials Managers: Join medical device manufacturers in a problem solving workshop, to discuss the effects of loaners, extended reprocessing times, sterilization parameters and packaging options on standard hospital practices.

Sustainable Solutions Worldwide healthcare professionals are looking for products and solutions that offer better patient outcome. This includes truthful information, validation testing, standardized procedures and ethical behavior. Explore sustainable solutions that contribute to safe patient outcome and “Sacred Cows” or rituals that are merely followed.

Processing Endoscope It’s time to learn how best practices for Endoscope Processing can contribute to safer patient outcomes. Case Medical is pleased to offer you continuing education credits while expanding your knowledge and skills. Watch or Download the Webinar! Watch either our Morning Session or our Afternoon Session, then test your skill by taking the Case Academy Endoscope Quiz.

Proper Sterile Packaging A review of packaging options for surgical instruments. From linen to disposable wrap to sealed containers, Sterile Processing and OR managers are faced with a variety of choices. Let’s look at the options and the science.

Rigid Reusable Container Systems The history, the current AAMI standards, the issues involved in selecting and utilizing rigid container systems.

Risky Business: Sterilization Solutions for the New Millennium Challenging scenarios in our rapidly changing healthcare world. Focus: infection control solutions, including new methods of sterilization and verification. Discussion of infectious pathogens and a review of sterilization solutions from around the world in a headline news show format.

To Flash or Not to Flash, Expediency or Necessity Flash Sterilization has become routine practice at some facilities. How can the process be improved? When is it truly needed? What is required for validation? Let’s debate the issue, and review policy and practices.

Best Practices: Wheel of Fortune Good is no longer good enough when the best is expected. Discover the importance of service excellence in today’s healthcare environment and identify strategies that can help you rise to a level of service excellence at your facility.

The Science of Cleaning For all reusable medical devices, the first and most important step in decontamination is cleaning. Discover which biological residues are most difficult to remove from used medical devices, ascertain what problems arise from incomplete removal of residues, review different types of cleaning agents and how they work and evaluate how clean is clean.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t Not all bioburden is created equal. Review clinically relevant test soils, demonstrate how sanitation is highly effective for removal for both visible and nonviable soils and understand how nonviable soils can be more dangerous than what we can see with the naked eye.

Interpersonal Relations Workshops

Communication Workshop 101 Communication is an interpersonal process of people relating to each other. Effective communication in healthcare enhances patient safety and the quality of care. A personal style inventory will be utilized to help you identify your patterns of thinking and behaving and to help you develop a more satisfactory relationship with others.

Communication Workshop 201 Influence style has become increasingly important as organizations become less hierarchical and diverse. The focus has shifted from competition to collaboration, from edict to persuasion. Identify your individual influence style and what you can do to be a more effective leader.

Communication Workshop 301 Effective leaders influence the behavior of the team and help them focus on shared goals. Effective leadership is critical in today’s fast paced and rapidly changing health care world. There is no correct leadership style. Learn how to identify your leadership style and how to interact with others with different styles. Learn how to capitalize on your strengths and overcome trouble spots.

Person to Person: We can help Service is the business of healthcare. It requires a group effort of caring and dedicated professionals that network for problem solving and partner for successful outcomes. Discover how individuals and organizations build a successful team.

Creating a Mindset for Service Excellence Good is no longer good enough when the best is expected. Discover the importance of service excellence in today’s healthcare environment and identify strategies that can help you rise to a level of service excellence at your facility.

Case Medical Seminars are designed for presentation to your Operating Room and Central Sterile Processing Staff, and affiliated professional healthcare organizations.

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