Tuesday, 05 December 2023 16:40

Risky Business

Last week, we discussed the value of utilizing high purity RO water for cleaning and rinsing. This week, we are faced with a continuing problem of residue remaining on surgical devices. I’ve been in this industry for over thirty years and only recently heard about the frequency of white powder residue on containers and even on single use wrap after sterilization...

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According to the CDC, public water is regulated but can sometimes get contaminated. With water shortages in the West, depleting reservoirs, and flooding here in the Northeast from too much rain and clogged sewer pipes, we find that we not only have to monitor the water quality in our manufacturing facility, but also keep an eye on the drains in our neighborhood...

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Shorter cycles, less rinses have been discussed for some time at AAMI working groups and amongst healthcare professionals. Most agree that adequate contact time and rinsing is good practice for manual and automated processes. Detergents lift but rinsing removes the soil. Now manufacturers of new washer/disinfectors have gone even further by promoting cycles preset in their new machines which eliminate rinse steps and rinse times

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Wednesday, 01 February 2023 11:09

Where Has all the Freshwater Gone?

Did you know that freshwater makes up a very small fraction of all water on the Earth? Nearly 70 percent of the world is covered by water, but only 2.5 percent of it is fresh, and of that just 1 percent is easily accessible. U.S. hospitals use an average of 570 gallons of water per staffed bed, per day...

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There is a very important principle when it comes to operations, process and sterilization outcome called parametric release. What this means is that when all parameters are set and equipment properly functioning, the outcome will always be positive and predictable...

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Do you worry about what goes into your body; what chemicals might be going into your children? The list keeps growing and now there are “Forever Chemicals” that never break down and go away, in fact, these compounds may take hundreds, or even thousands, of years to break down...

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Are we alone in the universe?

We may find the answer in the next decade or two relying on clues which science provides to help us find the way.  This includes balancing what we understand about our planet and recognizing what we know are the critical elements for life. 

Next month, the launch of the Webb telescope might give us the means to discover whether we find another earth out there, a Planet B.  The search for Planet B is complicated. Nevertheless we know that even in its most extreme conditions, life is carbon based, liquid water is the solvent for biochemistry, and DNA is the code for genetic information. The building blocks for life, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon are found abundantly in the universe. So what does this have to do with Sterile Processing?


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Wednesday, 19 May 2021 12:51

The Problem with Water Softeners

Water softeners work through a process called ion exchange, a typical water-softening system removes calcium and magnesium ions from hard water and replaces them with sodium ions. Filtration solely removes and does not add anything to the water...

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Wednesday, 05 May 2021 12:41

Dive into the science of cleaning

Cleaning is complex, with multiple parameters that must be controlled. They can either enable—or inhibit—the effectiveness of your cleaning process...

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