Quality of Care

The Cost, Quality, and Outcome Movement defines “Quality” as “patient-centered care aimed at achieving the best possible clinical outcomes.”

Under this broad quality umbrella, quality of care extends beyond the direct treatment administered to patients and includes assurances that the instruments and devices used on patients are safe. As a result, sterile processing departments play a key role in the delivery of quality patient care and Case Medical helps the facility produce the best results.

Using higher quality products from Case Medical supports better patient quality in the following ways:

  • Validated Products — Case Medical products are validated by independent laboratories to perform as described when used as directed
  • Safer to Use — US EPA Safer Choice awarded chemistries are better for patients, staff and the environment
  • Compatible and fewer delays — Quality is built into our DNA, which contributes to better care

A System Approach for Quality of Care

By providing a comprehensive system that includes chemistries, containers, case carts, and patient-level instrument tracking software, Case Medical ensures that instrument sets are not only properly processed, but complete, easy to find, and readily available. This results in a lower incidence of errors, fewer delays due to damaged or incomplete sets, and safer patient outcomes

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