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Perservation Past & Present

Gels can preserve tissue and bioburden under a tough to remove clear coating. Jurassic Park, the book and movie was based on the notion that mosquitos were so well persevered in amber that dinosaur DNA could be recovered after millions of years. Well, pre-cleaning gels work much the same way, after a short time a sticky skin forms on the gel, trapping the debris beneath and becoming virtually impervious to cleaning. Enter the pre-cleaning gel, easy to use, and convenient, made to prevent soil from drying onto used instruments; is it wet or just an illusion?

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The federal government hasĀ penalized 774 hospitalsĀ for having the highest rates of patient infections or other potentially avoidable medical complications.Ā TheĀ patientĀ safety penaltiesĀ cost hospitals 1 percent of Medicare payments over the federal fiscal year (Oct to Sept)...

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