Memorial Day, The Unofficial Start of Summer and the Day to Honor Our Nation’s Fallen Heroes

24 May

More Than a Long Weekend

For many Americans, Memorial Day is more than a long weekend and an unofficial start to the summer season. The real meaning of the holiday is meant to honor all U.S. soldiers who have died serving their country. The first observance of Memorial Day was on May 30, 1868, originally known as "Decoration Day." Did you know that there is another Memorial Day that is set for April 28th every year to recognize the workers who died or were injured on jobs from hazardous exposure or from work related injuries. This year’s International Workers’ Memorial Day was on 28 April, when trade unions demanded urgent action to tackle 'Climate Risks for Workers'.

The History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day started approximately 150 years ago. John A. Logan, a general in the Union Army in the American Civil War, proclaimed the day as Decoration Day, calling on the public to decorate the graves of Union soldiers who died in the Civil War. On the first Decoration Day, General James Garfield gave a speech at the Arlington National Cemetery, where 5,000 participants strewed flowers upon the graves of the dead. As more states began adopting the holiday, it later turned into a day of remembrance for all members of the U.S. military after the world wars. Congress officially standardized the day as "Memorial Day" in 1971 and changed its observance date to the last Monday of May.


The Memorial Day You May Not Know About

It is International Workers’ Memorial Day. In 2024 the theme focused on exploring the impacts of climate change on occupational safety and health. Changing weather patterns have notable impacts on the world of work, particularly affecting workers' safety and health. Examples of occupational risks exacerbated by climate change include heat stress, UV radiation, air pollution, major industrial accidents, extreme weather events and increased exposure to chemicals. Something those of us at Case Medical, a U.S. EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year have been increasingly concerned about in health care settings.

Climate Change: The Focus in 2024

Extreme weather and changing weather patterns affect job security, travel to and from work, and the general health for workers. Work in extreme weather can cause fatigue and increases in workplace injuries and stress-related disease, higher UV exposures place workers at risk of chronic health problems, including skin cancer and eye damage. Join us this Memorial Day as we at Case Medical honor first responders, members of the military and those dedicated to work toward a healthier, safer, and more sustainable future!

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