WHAT WE LEARNED FROM THE PANDEMIC or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Take Action

12 May

We've learned to wear masks, wash our hands frequently, and accept six feet of distance from others as the new normal. Then there’s hand sanitizers, sanitizing surfaces, and shortages. And, now getting vaccinated to end the pandemic and get back to normalcy.

With that being said, Case Medical is a medical device manufacturer specializing in products for infection prevention. We’ve learned a thing or two that may be helpful as we ride out the COVID19 storm together and carry these lessons forward against future disasters. The next few blog posts will focus on specific aspects of what we’ve learned during the pandemic and how these lessons can help build a better, safer, and healthier tomorrow.

COVID19 has certainly made us aware of the importance of preparedness. A year ago, would anyone have thought that N95 masks and PPE would be in short supply, that distillers would be making hand sanitizer, and after little more than a year there would be multiple vaccines for COVID19?

This week let’s look at: Being Prepared for shortages, as they’re inconvenient, stressful, and expensive. There are ways to lessen their impact and make things better even after the shortage ends. Typical reactions to shortages often make the situation worse; planning and thinking outside the box are keys to success. Panic buying and hoarding are expensive, and deplete available supplies making a bad situation worse especially for those who don’t have the money, storage capacity, or advantage to plan in advance.

PPE Demand Is Creating Blue Wrap Shortages

Let’s start with the idea that during a pandemic the need for supplies can become critical. This is currently the situation where sets needed for patient care procedures are impacted because of wrap shortages. Consider trading blue wrap for SteriTite® containers, since global demand for PPE is here to stay. Switching to rigid, reusable containers reduces the need for blue wrap, helping to keep resources where they’re needed most. As many wrap manufacturers answer the call and turn resources to the manufacture of critical PPE, many healthcare facilities are seeing a shortage of blue wrap. Are you experiencing gaps in supply? If so, now might be the right time to switch to SteriTite® containers and help take the pressure off the strained PPE market.

Avoiding Panic Buying and Hoarding 

Another strategy for avoiding a shortage altogether is planned buying. When a vendor knows they can count on a particular customer to make regular purchases of certain items it creates a situation that is beneficial for all. The buyer is a preferred customer at the top of the list when it comes to getting their purchases, and the vendor can plan into the future knowing that the demand is there.

Auto Buy Program

Become a preferred customer in Case Medical’s planned buying program, you’ll get a 5% discount on our Consumable Kits and credit toward other necessary supplies when you subscribe to our bi-annual purchase plan. You’ll receive a fresh monthly shipment of our Filters, Seals, and Load Cards, or we can create a custom Consumables Kit of cleaners, brushes, or tamper-evident seals so long as you’re buying a combination of Filters, Seals, and Load Cards. You’ll avoid future shortage situations, always have fresh consumables on hand, and avoid storing large quantities of consumables in advance of actual need.

These are just a couple of ways planning and taking preventive action can help avoid future shortage situations, lessen the environmental impact of disposing of used blue wrap, and save valuable storage space in your facility.

Using Time Wisely

In future we’ll talk about: Ways that hospitals can improve operations by using online paper-less software systems for record-keeping and to maximize efficiencies:

  1. Allow techs to earn CE credits while adding to their subject knowledge. Case Medical offers many opportunities to learn and earn CE credits.
  2. Implement a software solution like CaseTrak360® for tracking and managing the inventory of instrument sets and supplies.
  3. Inspect, manage preventive maintenance, and clean equipment with US EPA Safer Choice cleaning products that are effective and safer for staff and patients.

Join us next week for another knowledge blog from Case Medical.

Meanwhile, we'd like to hear from you.  Share how you overcame the challenges of the pandemic and learned a few new things! Contact us now with any questions you may have.

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