28 Jun
Last Thursday we got confirmation of the destruction of the submersible Titan and the loss of all onboard. Our hearts go out to the loved ones of those lost to what was a completely avoidable fate. Was this a tragedy of simple mechanical failure or is there more to consider? Indeed, catastrophic implosion at great depth is a disaster, but…
19 Jun
Consider the job the egg has to do; top of the list is protect the contents from physical damage and maintain the sterile environment within. Hmmm, sound familiar. Structurally the egg is incredibly strong. The reason is the egg's arched shape. Engineers and architects know that an arch is one of the strongest forms around. The smooth curve of an…
15 Jun
Once upon a time, Case Medical designed and manufactured custom graphics trays (loaners) for other medical device companies at a time when sterilization modalities were evolving. Users were advocating for a replacement for wrap to avoid tears, OR delays and cancelled cases. No one wanted to wrap anymore. But, was there any sealed container that could adapt to future needs?
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