05 Apr
In a hospital setting, drug resistant strains of bacteria are a growing problem. Staphylococcus is an especially opportunistic pathogen. When immunity is lowered, it can cause all types of infections. Most antibiotics, even the latest and greatest, are not effective against “super bugs”. Some staph infections no longer respond, or become resistant, to common antibiotics.
29 Mar
Spring is here and with it a time of renewal. The time for spring cleaning is at hand, however, it’s become apparent that limiting exposure to various chemicals, toxins and pollutants is also important. We’ve learned much about the detrimental effects various chemicals have on our health. Many cleaning products marketed as “green,” “natural” or “eco-friendly” actually contain chemicals that…
21 Mar
Consider the 2D barcode... those abstract, postage stamp sized black and white images, which are everywhere, from soda cans to restaurant menus. Where did they come from, how do they work, and what can they do? All really good questions which we’ll get to the bottom of in this week’s blog. When we at Case Medical opted to use a…
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