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What’s Safe Enough for a Baby’s Butt? ...That Can be Flushed Down the Toilet

11 Jan

“Flushable” wet wipes cause major sewage blockages

We all use wipes at home and at work, and many of us assume that they are flushable. In fact, many brands state “Flushable” on the label. BEWARE, they are not! Disposable wipes are made for baby care, hand washing, feminine and other personal cleansing, and for makeup removal. In healthcare facilities, wipes are used to apply caustic chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and even medical devices. Please do not use them on our SteriTite containers. While these products are convenient, they may contain caustic and hazardous chemicals. Consumers need to know what’s in them, how to use them safely, and how to dispose of them properly. Right now, there is no definitive wet wipe that can be flushed down the toilet. There must be a better option...

The Facts

Wet wipes marketed as “flushable” are to blame for 80% of blockages in Britain’s sewers, a BBC investigation found. We experienced this in our neighborhood, when the toilets backed up and we needed Roto-Rooter not for our facility, but for the city sewer pipes clogged with wipes and diapers on our street. "Fatbergs" form over time as items such as wet wipes, diapers, sanitary products and various types of greases and oils are flushed or washed down drains instead of being disposed of correctly. In fact, wipes can quickly block sewer pipes and cause major plumbing problems in your community’s sewer or your home’s septic tank system. "Fatbergs" are congealed masses of grease and debris that form in sewer systems. They can impact your plumbing system, entire communities, and cause large-scale sewer damage or create major problems in your septic tank system.


What can you do to prevent “Fatbergs”

If you accidentally toss a wet wipe or foreign item in the toilet, the only course of action is to try and fish it out. In some scenarios, a metal hanger can work to get a good grip on wipes. Otherwise you might have to take the drain or even your plumbing apart to remove the clog. By disposing your wet wipe in the trash not down the toilet, you are proactively protecting your home and community from blockages and other drain and sewage issues. The other option is to avoid overuse of wipes and use critical thinking when it seems just too good to be true. Manufacturers need to share truthful information their products and how to dispose them. While, Case Medical manufactures wet wipes, we never claim that they are flushable. We believe in telling you the truth about our products and validate what we say. Further, we offer solutions that are ecologically friendly and sustainable. Our current wipes are primarily cellulosic in composition. As a non-woven blend, they are more sustainable than most other wipes, but they are still not flushable.

Case Medical to the rescue

First, all of our products supplied as a wipe can also be purchased in liquid form. During the pandemic when wipes were nowhere to be found, we supplied alcohol, hand sanitizer, surface cleaning products all in response to the need in liquid form. In fact, all of our cleaning products are sustainable, safe, highly effective, and U.S. EPA Safer Choice certified. We avoid harsh chemicals by offering validated sustainable solutions. Recently, we were awarded a new Safer Choice label for a skin cleanser that is ideal for hand washing, skin cleansing, and gentle enough for a baby’s butt. Look no further than Case Medical's Case Care Skin Cleanser, an affordable choice that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized! This unique cleanser is made with natural ingredients and is EPA Safer Choice labeled. It's also lavender scented and contains vitamin E and Aloe to leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean. Apply it directly to a couple of folds of facial tissue or toilet paper and you have a wipe that can safely be flushed down the toilet.


Not sure what skin cleanser to try next?

As a healthcare professional, you understand how important it is to have safe and effective products that can help maintain a healthy environment and protect your skin and that of your patients. Our Case Care cleanser is designed to clean the skin without exposing it to harsh chemicals, making it a safer choice for the environment and for your skin. Formulated with natural ingredients, eco-friendly coconut based surfactants, aloe, vitamin E and lavender that are gentle on the skin. Case Care Cleanser only includes U.S. EPA Safer Choice listed ingredients and those vetted by CleanGredients. Case Care Skin Cleanser is highly effective at removing dirt, oil, and other impurities that can lead to skin irritation, while still being gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

It's portable, so you can use it anytime, anywhere

Looking for a natural and gentle way to clean and refresh when you’re on the go? Case Care’s unique formula is made with natural ingredients in solution with high purity, critical water, and is available in a handy 2-ounce bottle, perfect for purse or pocket. Just splash some onto a couple of folds of facial tissue and you can refresh anywhere. Now, wipes have their place on your skin and for safe disposal in the trash and down the toilet.


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