Case Medical to the Rescue: SteriTite Universal Containers, Reliability You Can Trust

14 Nov

A universal container, a monitor for successful outcomes

A container is a rigid reusable packaging system that is validated to maintain sterility until it is used. In the past, we never heard of white powder, cancelled STERRAD cycles, or even massive surface discoloration. And no, we do not agree that white powder is okay nor that you can continue to use a container with surface degradation. So where does the problem lie when a sterilizer fails, or residue is found on a container? Think of sending your car through a carwash. It started out a little dusty and needed some sprucing up. If at the end of the carwash, your car now has scratches, paint peeling, or residue, is the car shedding, was it properly rinsed, or is it the chemical agents used to clean, or the equipment itself?

Not all sterilization containers are the same

While there are several brands of containers to choose from, we are proud to say that our SteriTite container continues to be the only one that is compatible with all current sterilization modalities and with all devices that can be sterilized. It is anodized and passivated for corrosion resistance and still uniquely compatible with low temperature sterilization cycles. No need for duplicate inventory as the very same SteriTite container can be used for steam and low temperature sterilization. IUSS in emergencies, and for rapid sterilization, too. Storage and transport of devices, yes of course.

A known standard to compare to

A positive control in an experiment receives a treatment with a known result. It is used as a control for unknown variables during the experiment and to give the scientist something to compare with as it is known to produce the expected effect. A universal container that meets all sterilizer claims for compatibility, sterility maintenance, and durability has even more unique advantages. It reduces the need for excess inventory. Reduces repair and replacement costs because it is corrosion resistant, and because it is validated for faster dry times, it reduces OR delays and increases patient and surgeon satisfaction. Now here is the extra benefit we mentioned, one you might not have thought of. It can also be used to monitor sterilizer functionality. Case Medical’s SteriTite container has been validated under worst case scenarios, half the exposure time, half of the vacuum pulses, end of shelf life sterilant and challenged with loads far exceeding the 25 pound weight limit. Yes, even in STERRAD Sterilizers. So, when something goes wrong with the sterilizer, is it the fault of the container? Is this even logical?

One you can trust

When a medical device is tested under worse case scenarios to achieve a log reduction of 10-6 at half cycle, this means the actual log reduction is 10 12. With that being said, one can consider a validated sterilization container to be a monitor of the sterilizer and even the cleaning process. A cancelled cycle can now be viewed as equipment failure, and you should call for repair service. White residue, always a chemical reaction, needs investigation. What detergent was used, was the container adequately rinsed, did it go through the cart washer with recycled wash water? It can also be hydrogen peroxide residue, which can corrode the anodized surface if it’s not removed. Just like the example of the car at the car wash above, the residue on a container is an indicator that the wrong cleaners were used, and that adequate rinsing never occurred. In sum a universally compatible, validated container can now be viewed as a universal indicator or monitor, a positive control that all sterilizer and processing steps are working.

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