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24 Jan

Computers were supposed to free us from paper

Before the advent of computers, everything was done on paper; there was simply no other choice. Computers were supposed to change that, with their interconnectivity and programs like Microsoft Office that allowed users to write and send documents digitally. However, the opposite proved to be true. With computers came printers and we have been using more paper than ever before. Documents, reports, faxes, spreadsheets, even emails, are all printed; which uses huge amounts of paper each year which creates waste. In fact, our current IFU booklet is over 600 pages in length which includes translations into 37 languages as well as care and handling instructions. Consider the advantage of a digital IFU that can be accessed with a simple scan without the need for paper or going to your supervisor's office to get the written instructions.

The SteriTite Container already has an e-IFU

At Case Medical, we have a focus on going paperless, and being sustainable as much as possible. We have implemented numerous digital systems in our facility to reduce the amount of paper we use for producing the products we offer. Now, we have paperless options for you as well. One of our biggest improvements is our e-IFU. At first, our plan was to reach the IFU on our website; then to provide an app to download the IFU directly to your phone or tablet; now we have the very best solution of all, just scan the 2D barcode on the SteriTite container to access the human readable UDI and our IFU in 37 languages. Use a scanner to read the barcode on the latch, just like you would access a barcode menu at a restaraunt. Now, we can provide a 2D barcode with each container and tray that gives not only the IFU which can be accessible from many of our containers already, but the content list, photos of the instruments or device, as well as a graphic picture of the assembled tray. It can't be easier than that.

Use barcodes to go paperless

Just today, we received a request to do some training on how to assemble a medical device in our custom instrument basket. Instruments with complex cords and attachments can be very confusing to the user. In the past, we included a photo-copied image of the assembled tray. Just like every other document, this got lost after the first use. Next, we provided a laser engraved image on a ID plaque with our DaVinci endoscope tray system to show how to place the device into the custom tray. Now, for the very best solution of all, the barcodes on our SteriTite containers can be used with our instrument tracking software: CaseTrak360. With CaseTrak360, our 2D barcodes laser marked onto an ID plaque or onto the tray can be used to pull up digital count sheets, set information, images, instrument lists, reports and real time inventory information.

Case Medical already uses barcodes in day-to-day operations

We, at Case Medical, develop innovative products and services and lead by example. We have already integrated many of these concepts into our day-to-day operations. Manufacturing is completely reliant on barcodes that control production orders, display instructions on screens right in front of our employees, give real time updates on order status, inventory locations on the production floor, and control our maintenance. We reduced our need for written reports with sophisticated analytics to make our operations more efficient. We know what life was like in the past when we relied on paper, especially after two floods, a pandemic, and a supply chain crisis. We can sleep soundly at night knowing that our information is safe and sound in our paperless cloud. We can do the same for you, let us know when and how we can help. Remember, if you have a SteriTite container with a 2D barcode on the latch, you can immediately go paperless with an e-IFU.

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Kindest Regards,

Marcia Frieze and the Case Medical team

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