11 May
Increasingly, fresh water is becoming harder and harder to come by, especially in America’s Southwest. And what are folks in healthcare and industry doing to alleviate the problem?
03 May
Case Medical is a vertically integrated manufacturer serving the healthcare community. Manufacturing products for instrument processing and infection prevention requires equipment, skilled professionals, access to raw materials, quality control and meeting stringent regulatory requirements. With so many different players and parts in the process, how can you be sure that your specific needs are met? One way is to be…
28 Apr
Healthcare has long been a path toward advancement for women—from the 1950s when Virginia Apgar, developed a standard to assess newborn health, to Tu Youyou’s Nobel Prize in medicine in 2015 for her discovery of a treatment for malaria. Women account for more than half of all entry-level employees in healthcare and have made great strides in advancing to management.…
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