08 Aug
Rigid reusable container systems are designed for a long useful life. That is why they are a good investment. We know of containers that have been in continuous use for more than 15 years, but nothing lasts forever. With common sense care and handling you too can get maximum longevity from your containers.
05 Aug
A quick look into sterile storage can be a real eye opener. Do you see shelf after shelf with instrument sets and medical devices all in blue wrap? Do you have a container system that is turning colors, easily dents, and is often out for repair? Choosing a rigid re-usable container system can pay for itself, if it is durable,…
27 Jul
In today’s blog, we debunk the veiled threats and coercive tactics used by medical equipment manufacturers. How often have you been told, that to avoid VOIDING your warranty, you must only use the manufacturer’s consumable products and only have their techs work on your equipment? All the time, right? So, whether it’s the washer/disinfector, the sterilizer, or the ultra-sonic cleaner,…
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