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16 Apr

The Benefits of Continuous Improvement

Continuous learning provides multiple benefits, including achieving career goals and personal development. Team based learning inspires everyone to be more active and accountable as they learn. Groups pool their knowledge and skills, which can often help them solve more complex problems or deliver better products than individuals alone can do. At Case Medical, we support corporate citizenship by providing internships and continuing education right here in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Currently, we have seven interns, recent graduates from our local university NJIT and two more will be joining shortly. We also partner with NJMEP and are utilizing a New Jersey grant for continuing education.

Welcome to HSPA 2024

This weekend, we will be joining many of you at the HSPA conference in Las Vegas. We will be there on Saturday afternoon in room 416 at the Ceaser’s Forum, for my favorite event, the hands-on workshop. This year, our program is Crafty Case Solutions or How to Solve Instrument Set Clutter. Join us for hands on experience using simulated instruments and representative instrument procedure trays; plus, visualization technology using 2D barcodes. You might see some things that are truly innovative for process improvement, stress reduction, and hopefully have some fun too.

HSPA 2023: Now you see it, now you don’t

Last year, many of you joined our micro lab simulation and discovered how not all instrument chemistries are the same. We learned how sonication can improve outcome and how the use of representative monitors, like Case Medical’s Case Soil indicator, representative of the various bodily soils on a stainless steel substrate, can assess machine functionality, detergent effectiveness and provide information for process improvement. We followed by sharing three videos that several of you asked for after the workshop and are still available for viewing with CE credits. Here is the link to the videos to refresh your memory and for those who might have missed it last year and are curious about what took place.

HSPA 2024: Crafty Case

Roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking caps, and work collaboratively with a team of your peers. You will be designing and developing procedure trays. Also, you will learn how customization can protect and secure your devices, and how barcode scanning can provide the necessary information at a button press to keep you on track and on time. If you need assistance configuring your tray, Dewey and I will be there along with some key members of our organization to help you complete the task. Sam, our trusted IT leader, will show you a few things about scanning and data visualization to improve process and turnaround. You’ll learn how easy it is to use digital tools. We learned this the hard way after surviving two floods, a pandemic, and paper shortages during the supply chain crisis. We at Case Medical are 98%+ digitized and we can pass this knowledge onto you.

2024: Contributing to a circular economy

This year, we decided to continue our hands-on experience by crafting a Case Medical tradeshow within the HSPA tradeshow. We will have four tables demonstrating how each product line works and how sustainability is built into each product. Last week I attended the launch in London of a textbook “Materials and Sustainability for a Circular Economy” that we contributed to that covers Case Medical and other industries contribution to sustainability. It was the first international trip that I made this year and had an opportunity to meet the authors and colleagues in industry and science committed to a safer world and growing the circular economy for the benefit of us all.
Visit us at booth 831. Learn more about our 360 degree approach to instrument processing. See a demonstration of CaseTrak360 in real time. Discover how our sustainability journey started with our reusable SteriTite universal container system and the subsequent development of Case Solutions and SuperNova environmentally preferred instrument chemistries that are highly effective, U.S. EPA Safer Choice Certified, and contribute to the circular economy.

Visit us anytime at to learn more about our products and services. We are here to help. Case Medical is a U.S. EPA SAFER CHOICE Partner or the Year for Manufacturer Formulator and recognized in NJ as Innovative Manufacturer of the Year.

Kindest Regards,

Marcia Frieze and the Case Medical team

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