15 Jun
Once upon a time, Case Medical designed and manufactured custom graphics trays (loaners) for other medical device companies at a time when sterilization modalities were evolving. Users were advocating for a replacement for wrap to avoid tears, OR delays and cancelled cases. No one wanted to wrap anymore. But, was there any sealed container that could adapt to future needs?
06 Jun
It’s been over thirty years since my husband, and I founded Case Medical. My husband loves renovation, but I prefer innovation. We have been challenged over the years with various moves and projects. Doing a home renovation is challenging enough, but imagine taking an existing structure and retrofitting it to become an advanced manufacturing facility, meeting the most current standards...
31 May
Management by walking around is a strategy where managers leave their desks and walk around the workplace to understand employees and their ongoing work better. You can learn a lot by just walking around your facility and paying attention to your environment. As a matter of fact, that’s often how we find ways to help you, our customers and develop…
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