Eyes wide open

31 May

Learn by walking around

Efficient instrument processing is critical for ensuring patient safety and maintaining the smooth functioning of any healthcare facility. However, managing the complex and dynamic environment of instrument processing can be a daunting task. One effective management approach is Management by Walking Around, a strategy where managers leave their desks and walk around the workplace to understand employees and their ongoing work better. As a matter of fact, that’s often how we find ways to help you, our customers, and develop products to meet your needs. One of our sales team was recounting that on a recent visit to an SPD he noticed the sad state of many of the department’s rigid containers. The containers were covered with tape and permanent marker scribbles. Needless to say, Case Solutions Ink & Adhesive Remover was the right product for the job. The broader point is that sometimes we become so used to our surroundings that we don’t see the obvious anymore. This is where we can help.

Case Medical understands

The SPD is a hectic place to be, a million demands are made of Sterile Processing professionals who work hard to keep up with all the requests. So, it’s only natural that everyone pushes forward and works around the little short comings of the facility, like a slow drain at the decontam sink, the autoclave with the rust stains on the walls, or demands from the OR to rapidly process instrument sets. There are literally too many of these little compromises to think about, but that’s why a fresh set of eyes can be so important. When you’re new to the environment you can see with eyes wide open and that’s what Case Medical’s representatives are especially good at. We can come in and offer our 30 plus years of experience to evaluate your needs and offer solutions.


Preserve your investment

Rigid reusable container systems are designed for a long useful life. That is why they are a good investment. We know of SteriTite containers that have been in continuous use for more than 15 years, but nothing lasts forever. With common sense care and handling you too can get maximum longevity from your containers. Handle them carefully as you would any other medical device. Always disassemble all components for decontamination. Keep you retention plates flat and properly stored in a rack designed for the purpose. However to preserve your investment it all boils down to the cleaners used. While dents can be fixed, surface corrosion cannot.

It's always chemical

Yes, it can happen to ours, too. Deep scratches, white, black, or gray discoloration, white powdery residue on the container surface are signs of corrosion, and not a handling issue. Corrosion indicates that the container has been subjected to harsh chemicals and the unit needs to be replaced. This can be avoided when you use a pH neutral detergent, one that is free rinsing and meets all AAMI requirements as an ideal cleaning agent. Avoid acid neutralizers or sheeting agents and thoroughly rinse to remove any detergent residue. We learned this years ago when our anodized and passivated universal containers were stripped by the caustic chemicals used at the time. This is why we developed our line of Case Solutions and SuperNova pH neutral cleaners to ensure that our reusable containers and your medical devices truly last.


Continuous improvement and innovation

At Case Medical, we continue to develop and improve upon products that address your needs. You're already acquainted with our U.S. EPA Safer Choice certified cleaners and skin cleanser, our SteriTite universal sterilization container system, as well as our MediTray modular trays. We've introduced a filter retention plate rack to safely hold and secure filter retention plates during automated washing, a peel pack rack that can accomodate even long peel packs for Da Vinci intruments, and a full line of containized Da Vinci instrument trays. Over the coming weeks, we will introduce you to our many innovative products developed to meet the reprocessing needs of SPD and OR. Just this week, we filed a patent application for an innovative, easy to use process and holder for stringing ring handled instruments.

Let us know what your current challenges are and we may already have the solution. Contact us at [email protected]. Visit our website at www.casemed.com to learn more about our products and services.

Kindest Regards,
Marcia Frieze and the Case Medical team

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