SteriTite "The Smartest" Container

06 May

Why We Say the SteriTite Container is the SMARTEST

Now, Case Medical's SteriTite container along with its universal compatibility features can take you along with us on a technological journey where 2D barcodes and scanning can provide e-IFUs in 37 languages, digital recognition of contents, paper-less count sheets, and AI to identify errors in assembly and find missing instruments. We have turned the SteriTite universal container into one with intelligence and one that can rejuvenate. Read on to learn how…

Everyone Says Theirs is The Best

There are so many descriptive adjectives vendors use to describe their products. Such as smart, best, organized, cost-effective, speedy, powerhouse, no wrap, filter-less, and universal.  Even though we use descriptive terms like these when we describe or champion our SteriTite container, we understand that words are meaningless unless you have the science to back it up. That is why Case Medical has validated our SteriTite containers for nearly three decades under worse case scenarios following the overkill principle to prove that it truly works and lasts as intended over years of continuous use. While there are other containers to choose from Case Medical’s SteriTite container remains the SMARTEST and for good reason…


Here's Why We Say Ours is The Best

Universal: SteriTite containers are validated for compatibility with all devices that can be sterilized and for all current sterilization modalities. Use the very same SteriTite container with only a filter change for steam and low temperature sterilization. Want a filter-less sealed container for IUSS simply change the filter and retention plate for our FlashTite valve plate and now the very same container is filter-less for steam sterilization.

Durable: SteriTite containers were developed to be stronger and last longer than other container systems in their class with a surface seal nearly as hard as a diamond and slightly thicker shell for strength.

Light Weight: All Case Medical containers and most inserts are manufactured from aluminum considered the “green” metal and 65% lighter than steel. Furthermore, SteriTite containers have nearly 20% more internal volume than competitor’s brands…less height for the same contents means less total weight.

Cost Savings: Wrap is a reoccurring expense. While SteriTite containers save money as they are reusable, they also require less energy to process, and fewer consumables to operate than other containment devices. For example, plastic trays require longer dry times, have less volume, and cannot be recycled. SteriTite containers are validated for reduced dry times, internal and external stacking, and the load weight is not a factor compared to plastic wrapped trays where weight limits are clearly stated in their IFU.

Speedy: In steam sterilization using our cellulosic filters only 5 to 8 minutes of dry time has been validated and cleared by FDA for terminal sterilization resulting in DRY loads.

Repair-free and Repairable: When used as directed Case Medical’s SteriTite container is virtually repair free. If a caustic chemical agent is used and the surface is now looking dull or showing signs of wear…Don’t wait! Wash it, rinse it, and run it through the autoclave for 8 minutes and it repairs itself.

Sustainable: When used as directed, SteriTite containers can last over a decade and more. It is truly reusable, and once its useful life is over it is fully recyclable. Aluminum is the greenest of all metals. 75% of aluminum currently in use is not new as it has been reused and recycled over time.

How You Maintain It Makes All the Difference

Recently we alerted you to our concerns about use of caustic cleaners, drying or sheeting agents in cart washers and most concerning of all the overuse or for that matter use (at all) of single use environmental wipes that are stripping the anodized seal of our SteriTite containers as well as other medical devices on the market. Need a Refresher on Care and Handling? Go directly to our website to find the current SteriTite and MediTray IFU under the resource tab.  Download the IFU app to always have our e-IFU handy and immediately accessible from the 2D barcode on the container. Being SMARTER means listening to you, our customers, and developing solutions, products, that solve some of your most challenging issues.


Visit us anytime at to learn more about our products and services. We are here to help. Case Medical is a U.S. EPA SAFER CHOICE Partner or the Year for Manufacturer Formulator and recognized in NJ as Innovative Manufacturer of the Year.

Kindest Regards,

Marcia Frieze and the Case Medical team

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