Get Ready for Supply Chain Disruptions Lasting into 2023

26 Oct

Case Medical Is Your Partner In These Chaotic Times of Pandemic Induced Shortages

With the pandemic as context, because of intense market pressures this past year along with insatiable demand crashing into backorders and stockouts every healthcare organization’s supply chain team should be prepared for shortages to continue through 2022. And Case Medical is not the only company sharing this message. Last week AAMI, FDA and BSI’s Conference focused on supply chain shortages and the risks involved in not planning ahead. Consider the backlog at our nation's ports.


Case Medical knows that the show must go on, continuity in the face of shortages is necessary in spite of the pandemic, climate change, and the tariffs that limited the supply of many raw materials and equipment. Case Medical is your partner in these chaotic times of pandemic induced shortages. We offer quality products, thoughtfully designed with flexibility of purpose, based upon your needs and requirements.

In a recent White House blog, the administration offers these words of advice:

“The ability to recover quickly from an unexpected shock is a hallmark of a resilient system. When it comes to… supply chains, firms often adopt three inter-related strategies to strengthen resiliency:
  • Visibility: The capability to monitor the supply chain, often in real time.
  • Buffer: Having multiple sources of supply or holding more inventory.
  • Agility: The ability to pivot quickly to alternative processes or products.
However, an individual firm’s ability to pivot quickly in the face of a shock can be limited by collective action problems including: 1) a lack of communication and trust between firms along a supply chain and 2) a lack of access to the data necessary to support visibility and agility.”
Let’s look at each of these strategies advocated by government experts and how they relate to Case Medical’s relationship with you, our customers.

Visibility: The capability to monitor the supply chain in real time

Case Medical prides itself on keeping open the lines of communication and being transparent. Whether we’re talking about our 2021 U.S. EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year or letting you about how fortunate we were to avoid major flooding during the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida. No, we don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, but we do pay special attention to the coming trends. That is why Case Medical is moving toward a paperless platform with data analytics for our internal operations which can be applied to your supply chain needs and asset management requirements.


Buffer: Avoid last minute frantic orders for necessary supplies for your department.

When you sign up for Auto-Buy, you’ll be set to receive timely shipments of any instrument processing consumables, including instrument chemistries, brushes, wipes, FDA approved hand sanitizer (150 brands were recalled by FDA), and particularly filters, tamper evident seals and load cards for your rigid container systems. And as part of our Auto-Buy process, you have the surety of knowing that your order comes first with Case Medical. We now have the ability to plan for your needs and stock what is required for the coming months.

Agility: The ability to pivot quickly to alternative processes or products


Let Case Medical pivot for you. Communicate with us and let us know what you need, how frequently and when you need it. We’ll put it on a rotating schedule based on your requirements that can be adjusted by a simple click to update our Auto Buy Acknowledgement Form.

Keeping with the idea of having enough materials on hand throughout these times of pandemic related shortages, consider Case Solutions super concentrated cleaners, they are U.S. EPA Safer Choice awarded, using EPA validated ingredients that are safer for people to use and far less harmful to the environment, and because they are super concentrated Case Solutions brand cleaners have more usable product once diluted to working strength then our competitions products. It’s like having extra inventory on your shelf because bottle for bottle you get more usable product. And remember, these solutions are not only EPA Safer Choice awarded, they meet AAMI requirements as ideal cleaning agents. 

CLICK HERE to access our Auto Buy Acknowledgement Form and get started avoiding the pain of last- minute orders and even worse lack of supply. We are here to help and support you. We are in this together!
Join our next online, educational webinar in December, details to follow. Meanwhile, if you haven't visited our booth yet at the IAHCSMM virtual conference, there is still time to do so this week! Case Medical is also participating in the OR Manager Encore Digital Event, starting November 15th and ending November 19th. While we haven't been able to see you in person this year at either conference; let us know what you think, what you need, and how we can help! Your feedback is very important to us.
Kindest Regards,
Marcia Frieze and the Case Medical team

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