27 Jul
In today’s blog, we debunk the veiled threats and coercive tactics used by medical equipment manufacturers. How often have you been told, that to avoid VOIDING your warranty, you must only use the manufacturer’s consumable products and only have their techs work on your equipment? All the time, right? So, whether it’s the washer/disinfector, the sterilizer, or the ultra-sonic cleaner,…
19 Jul
Octopuses show us alternate paths of thinking and wildly different ways of being, by demonstrating that intelligence is more varied and emotions more universal than we imagined, the octopus stretches our moral universe. With the growing globalization of today’s economy, achieving diversity in the workplace is a smart move to make. The meaning of diversity has become more complex. A…
11 Jul
With 557,014,072 cases world wide and 88,847,699 cases in the U.S. alone, COVID19 is far from over. The new variants raise questions… BA.4 and BA.5 are the fastest-spreading COVID-19 subvariants yet. The two latest versions of omicron appear to evade protection from vaccines and previous infections more easily than any others before.
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