19 Dec
T’was the night before surgery... And all through the SPD every set was in blue wrap as far as the eye could see. The peel packs were sorted for surgery with care… In hopes that the surgeon soon would be there.
13 Dec
The Year Was 1924: The American car market was reaching its saturation point, when everyone who wanted and could afford a car had one. To deal with the problem of slowing sales of new cars an executive at General Motors came up with annual model-year design changes. The idea was to convince car owners to buy new cars every year,…
08 Dec
1992 Trivia, History and Fun Facts: The Top Song was I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, Johnny Carson was host of the “Tonight Show”, Elle Macpherson was THE fashion icon, and Case Medical is started by Marcia Frieze and her husband Allan. Looking Back; a lot has changed in 30 years, the music we listen to, trends and…
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