25 Jan
Do you know what’s hiding in your tap water? Is it hard, soft, iron rich, or smelly like rotten eggs? How does water quality affect cleaning chemistries, and what can be done about it? And how can high purity water contribute to more effective cleaning? Certainly, water is important for the final rinse, but what about in the formulation of…
17 Jan
Last week’s episode ended with a cliffhanger, we promised more on the critical parameters for detergent selection, sustainability, and the science of cleaning, how instrument chemistries are formulated for safety and effectiveness, and which cycles are best for automated cleaning.
10 Jan
Daytime TV serials are often called “soap operas” because laundry and dish detergent manufacturers have long been sponsors. The “opera” part is full of drama, passion, a plot where pressure is applied to force a decision, one which the victim was sorry to have agreed to in the first place. Just as “soap operas” use persuasive words, exaggerated statements, and…
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