29 Mar
Does the idea of the conservation of energy make you think of the gas mileage your car gets, or putting on a sweater when you lower the heat in the house during winter, or maybe 60 watt LED light bulbs that make you think you’re going blind?
22 Mar
Does your idea of natural order mean be able to nap on a quiet Sunday afternoon, or binge watch a new comedy series that just dropped? Well, those activities certainly do fall into the natural order things for time off from work, but that’s not where this blog is going. Instead let’s talk about chaos, disorder, perfect example, the mess…
15 Mar
The world has probably changed more in the last few weeks than it has in the last two years during the pandemic. While we all want to be hopeful for peace in Europe, and a return to normalcy as the incidence of COVID 19 declines, world events just keep moving in the opposite direction. So, what to do? “Plan for…
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