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11 Mar

You'll wonder how you managed without this tool


Instrument processing is not a linear process. It is a circle that starts and ends with safe-to-use, complete, well organized instrument sets for surgical and patient care procedures. In recognition of this fact, Case Medical long ago committed itself to a 360° instrument processing approach. In practical terms that means that Case Medical not Series of arrows indicating a cycleonly provides products for every phase of the process; it also means the products were designed as a system that makes it easier to sustain quality and continuity throughout the cycle.

Successful processes require more than quality products; you need to manage and document the process, to control and manage your outcomes. With the rapidly increasing complexity of instrument processing, an easy-to-use tracking system is a priceless tool to ensure your department’s efficiency, accuracy, and quality.

A tracking system that meets your needs

When you evaluate tracking systems, it helps to first determine your needs and the major pain points you want to address. Consider your workflow, your process for loaner sets, storage areas and constraints, staffing, and certainly review any existing software you may already use. Make a list of “must have” features and processes that may be unique to your facility or system. Make sure the software company you consider can adapt to your needs; many out there expect you to adapt to their system.

360Dashboard-295x300Case Medical’s CaseTrak360® Instrument Tracking Software was designed to scale and flex and meet you where you are. Are you looking for an SPD-only implementation until the OR sees proof of effectiveness or need? No problem. Do you need to start with one facility at a time before rolling out to your entire system? That works, too.  If you are considering a system-wide implementation, might your system administrator require a bird’s eye view? We can do that.


Usability starts with a user-friendly design— the software should be intuitive and easy to learn, well organized, with navigation that makes sense, even to a new user. Beyond that, look for smart visual cues like color coding, distinct icons for important information, photos, and reminders and references to help keep your department on track.

Case Medical’s CaseTrak360 software is designed to mirror the stages in the surgical instrument reprocessing workflow, with a color-coded, intuitive user interface to speed the tracking process. Built-in work instructions with photos provide an easy reference to proper procedures, including prompts and alerts. Decontam, Prep & Pack, and Sterilization sections each feature a master work queue with data visualization that automatically prioritizes and identifies turnarounds and loaner sets to ensure critical sets are processed first. 

Real-time, actionable information

For administrative and manager functions, you need real-time, actionable information to stay on top of the process. A dashboard with key information like turnarounds, loaner set status, or messages from the OR keep you plugged in and focused on your priorities.

View of the CaseTrak360 Dashboard

Here is where CaseTrak360® software really shines. In the Dashboard View, you can see real-time set locations, so when you get that call from the OR, you can assure them that the specialty set is heading their way as you speak. Easily track user competencies, find out which instruments are out for repair, or add a new instrument set and reprocessing instructions. CaseTrak360 puts you in control and in the know!

Interested in learning more?

Just say the word and we’ll assess your needs, help you build your custom database, and determine the number and location for workstations. Join us for our next webinar on March 24 at 2:00 pm Eastern to learn more and see the CaseTrak360 system in action. Additional dates are listed, as well.


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